David Hidalgo Architects | La Gran Plaza, Fort Worth, TX

La Gran Plaza, Fort Worth, TX

La Gran Plaza located in Fort Worth, Texas, encompasses on the quadrant of the Northwest corner of South Freeway Street, Interstate 35 W and Seminary Drive.  When fully developed, the 79-acre site will have over 1,105,000 square feet of retail, produce and fish markets, restaurants, new Lienzo Charro (outdoor rodeo sports arena) and office spaces.  The exterior & interior spaces will have plazas, providing entertainment, sitting areas, fountains, kiosks and a new Outdoor Amphitheater is planned.  The main goal of the project is to utilize the site as a multi purpose cultural center.

La Gran Plaza will be a delightful and charming center to be enjoyed time and time again.  The colonial design will present a cohesive image of a relaxed shopping, dining and social gathering environment. The overall impression of La Gran Plaza will incorporate the five senses:  texture, color, light, smell and the joy of music.  The visitors will be engaged with an excitement of energy and life to this essential urban fabric of imagination.

La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Project Date: 2004-2007