David Hidalgo Architects | Plaza del Pueblo

Plaza del Pueblo

Plaza del Pueblo is a retail site located in what is already a bustling commercial area and enjoys an excellent position on the corner of Valley Boulevard and Mountain View Avenue. Plaza del Pueblo is primed to enter a new era of its existence as the next vital commercial center in the City of El Monte, California. This retail center has aspirations of becoming a center of attraction, combining people of all ages and backgrounds alike. Plaza del Pueblo will be a haven for pedestrians by integrating the small Latin American neighborhood setting along an urban atmosphere for all to enjoy. The social experience of pedestrians walking in a small village is livened with the use of Plazas and open spaces. Plaza del Pueblo will be a cultural experience to be enjoyed time and time again. The colonial design will present a cohesive image of a relaxed shopping, dining and social gathering environment.

Plaza del Pueblo will be a place for culture and history. It is to be a representation of the town centers of Latin America. The site is an important aspect as it is the first impression for the visitors. The ornamentation and attention to details is displayed in the use of fountains, facades, textures, colors and paving patterns. They bring into play the ideas and thoughts of a Hispanic community. The overall site transports the individual into a parallel world of intrigue and excitement.

Plaza del Pueblo
Location: El Monte, California