Forums, Panels & Symposia

  • Speaker: ICSC Hispanic Markets National Conference, San Antonio, TX: “Designing Shopping Centers for Latino Customers” – 3 Case Studies: Plaza Mexico, La Gran Plaza, & Mercado de Los Cielos (2011).
  • Main speaker: Chapman University, Orange, CA: “History of the Future”, Professor Joel Kotkin: Session at Plaza Mexico about future of race and immigration (2010).
  • Guest speaker: Class at Chapman University, Orange, CA: “History of Cities” (2009).
  • Keynote Speaker: Salinas Urban Revitalization Action Summit, Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce (2007).
  • Speaker: Urban Land Institute, Beverly Hills, CA: “Reinventing Retail: Community, Lifestyle & Entertainment” (2006).
  • Speaker: The Planning Center: Summit on New Sub urbanism to discuss the changing face of American suburbia (2006).
  • Panelist: Urban Land Institute: Urban Marketplace Conference, Los Angeles, CA: “The Revitalizing Power of Ethnic Retail” (2004).
  • Participant: “MEXI-LAND: A Case Study of Plaza Mexico” (2002).